BetaCloud® Calculator™

From BetaCloud Software website ” The Best and Open Source Calculator! “ The BetaCloud® Calculator™ includes non-used calculator functions like linear equations with two or three unknowns, DEG RAD GRAD etc. and its UI got refreshed from light mode to dark and blue* mode WHAT’S NEW? (Version 3.5) Added equations Added “More informations” feauture inContinue reading “BetaCloud® Calculator™”

The BetaCloud Wiki is discontinued

Hi for who is reading this message, BetaCloud Archive Wiki is discontinued due to BetaWiki’s pages copypasting conflict, this happened because most of pages and pictures were taken reference from BetaWiki, we saw this inconvenience in BetaWiki discord server, for ending the copypasting conflict we promote BetaWiki in Main website for avoiding the “war ofContinue reading “The BetaCloud Wiki is discontinued”

BetaCloud Archive UWP Application

Welcome in this notice, we want to announce that we’re releasing UWP betas for accessing quickly our website, for installing it, you’ve need to run app-addpackage.ps1 file. Here’s Beta download link: REMEMBER: Before do this please to enable Developer Mode, or UWP Installation won’t work

Tutorial: How to extract splitted files (them) together

Hi guys, welcome to the tutorial for how to extract splitted files together, I split some of them for TeraBox’s limits (max upload 4GB). 1) You’re sure to downloaded all files from cloud 2) Then click “Extract files” if you have WinRAR (“Estrai i file” in my case) 3) After clicking “extract files” a WinRARContinue reading “Tutorial: How to extract splitted files (them) together”

Windows 11

Hi guys, I want to announce you that Microsoft will release a new OS: Windows 11. It constits a new interface with a new refreshed taskbar and a refreshed design and new desktop icons. Yesterday (15 June 2021), someone has leaked a build: 21996.1.210529-1541.co_release_CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us Screenshots of this build: Now it’s available for download, but inContinue reading “Windows 11”

Rocket League Sideswipe is coming to Android

Now Rocket League Developers are providing to programming Rocket League Mobile. It’s available only on Australia and New Zealand. For download it in other countries, go to TeraBox link: and then go to ISOs and Software Betas/(Beta) Mobile Games/Rocket League Swipeside. Download also ApkMirror Apkm installer apk because is needed, after installed it, selectContinue reading “Rocket League Sideswipe is coming to Android”

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