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Version 4.1: Menu adjustments

Version 4: Deleted unnecessary information and added a new appx archive stuff + put some links in menu bar

Version 3.5: Removed a rule (deleted Torrent ISO file rule because there’s an alternative for 4GB+ files)

Version 3.0.2: Added buttons with links on Main Page and added embedded Database status link on website bar (above the website where is logo) (04/21/2021 – 21/4/2021)

Version 3.0.1: Fixed on website TeraBox Branding. Also we organizzed the table (29/3/2021 – 03/29/2021)

Version 3.0: Re-branded our logo (03/24/2021 – 24/3/2021)

Version 2.0: Fixed various grammar issues

Version 1.0: Website was released – November 2nd, 2020


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