Free ISOs and Software Cloud Access

Hi Guys, there aren’t more intructions than BetaArchive. It’s all free without dumping intructions except when you’ve a CD to dump (OS, Games, Software etc)

1st: I’ll put password in page by clicking link in belove

2nd: Sign-in with your account and then enjoy Free Cloud Betas Access

If you want support cloud by sharing Betas (in ISO format and/or Floppy Format), contact on Forum or Discord (easier to use).

FOR CLOUD ACCESS: Please note also that cloud doesn’t support +4GB file (like Windows 10 Insider ISOs). For uploading +4GB files, download Torrent and then create a ISO Torrent, after did, share it on Discord or Forum. If you want to download ISOs torrent files, you must download it for downloading original file

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