Version 3.5: Removed a rule (deleted Torrent ISO file rule because there’s an alternative for 4GB+ files) Version 3.0.2: Added buttons with links on Main Page and added embedded Database status link on website bar (above the website where is logo) (04/21/2021 – 21/4/2021) Version 3.0.1: Fixed on website TeraBox Branding. Also we organizzed theContinue reading “WEBSITE UPDATES”

Tutorial: How to extract splitted files (them) together

Hi guys, welcome to the tutorial for how to extract splitted files together (we decided to remove Torrent ISO file because isn’t fast torrent) 1) You’re sure to downloaded all files from cloud 2) Then click “Extract files” if you have WinRAR (Estrai i file in my case) 3) After clicking “extract files” a WinRARContinue reading “Tutorial: How to extract splitted files (them) together”

Windows 11

Hi guys, I want to announce you that Microsoft will release a new OS: Windows 11. It constits a new interface with a new refreshed taskbar and a refreshed design and new desktop icons. Yesterday (15 June 2021), someone has leaked a build: 21996.1.210529-1541.co_release_CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us Screenshots of this build: Now it’s available for download, but inContinue reading “Windows 11”

Rocket League Sideswipe is coming to Android

Now Rocket League Developers are providing to programming Rocket League Mobile. It’s available only on Australia and New Zealand. For download it in other countries, go to TeraBox link: and then go to ISOs and Software Betas/(Beta) Mobile Games/Rocket League Swipeside. Download also ApkMirror Apkm installer apk because is needed, after installed it, selectContinue reading “Rocket League Sideswipe is coming to Android”

Today (November 25, 2020), a member of BetaArchive leaked Windows 95 Build 328

About leak: BA member says: “Dated 3rd February 1995. Appears to be an internal build, as it has internal WinBug and leftover readme from build 324. It’s an upgrade version, but lets you perform a clean install anyway” @rixolino has uploaded Windows 95 Build 328 on BetaCloud TeraBox (before duBox) based Cloud. It’s in thisContinue reading “Today (November 25, 2020), a member of BetaArchive leaked Windows 95 Build 328”

How to get some product keys for free by files on Windows Server 2012 Build 8102 (without visiting on BetaWiki)

Hi, guys. Today I’ll teach you how to get some product keys by files for Windows Server 2012 Build 8102 (it works only ISOs files): Go to ISO and open, so go to optional path: CD Driver:\soures\product.ini and open it by block notes and discover your edition (HPC Server, Enterprise etc.) for getting product key.Continue reading “How to get some product keys for free by files on Windows Server 2012 Build 8102 (without visiting on BetaWiki)”

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